Boot Raspberry Pi Model 3B V1.2 on SSD

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I have a Raspberry Pi Model 3B V1.2. You can know your model by typing in prompt :

$ pinout
| oooooooooooooooooooo J8     +====
| 1ooooooooooooooooooo        | USB
|                             +====
|      Pi Model 3B  V1.2         |
|      +----+                 +====
| |D|  |SoC |                 | USB
| |S|  |    |                 +====
| |I|  +----+                    |
|                   |C|     +======
|                   |S|     |   Net
| pwr        |HDMI| |I||A|  +======
`-| |--------|    |----|V|-------'

In January 2022, the microSD card got corrupted, and Pi was not reliable anymore, after about 3 years of operation.
I bought a new microSD card but as I didn't backup, I had to reinstall all over again. Not a nice feeling.

As of 23/03/2022 I am preparing to configure the Pi to boot on an SSD.

I bought two things so far:

As of 28/12/2022 I red a lot, and nothing worked, until I found something that work pretty nicely.

What I have finally setup

  1. Raspberry Pi is operationnal. Currently running based on the SD Card (FYI 32GB) inserted in the SD Card slot of the Pi.
  2. Using SD Card Copier already available in Raspian, I made a clone from the SD Card to the SSD:

  3. On your SSD, you should then have 2 partitions, one for boot and one for the OS.
    I formatted another SD Card (FYI 2GB) and I formatted it in FAT32.
    Then, I have made a copy of all the files that were in the boot partition of the SSD to this other 2GB SD Card.
  4. I properly switched off the Raspberry Pi.
    I removed the SD Card 32GB from the SD slot that was previously running the system.
    I inserted the SD Card 2GB which contains all the files from the boot partition of the SSD.
    I connected another USB device: a Toshiba HDD 2 TB.
    Everything is powered with the Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply - 2.5A (Micro USB) by CanaKit. No any USB hub to power the SSD or HDD.

I am a bit concerned about the power. So I will monitor this in the coming days using two commands:

$ vcgencmd get_throttled
$ dmesg | grep -iC 3 "under-voltage"

See here for get_throttled signification.

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