Subsonic on Raspberry Pi 3

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Install java:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

Download the Subsonic .deb package and install it:

sudo dpkg -i subsonic-x.x.deb

Change user (i have set pi instead of root) :

sudo nano /etc/default/subsonic

For troubleshooting interesting files are here: /var/subsonic

It was interesting because it allowed me to understand why Subsonic web interface was OK but impossible to play a file :

cat /var/subsonic/subsonic.log
[2018-01-14 10:59:44,539] INFO TranscodeInputStream - Starting transcoder: /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg -i /home/pi/Music/Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling/07_Paul_Kalkbrenner_-_Torted_Original Mix.mp3 -map 0:0 -b:a 128k -v 0 -f mp3 -
[2018-01-14 10:59:44,551] INFO InputStreamReaderThread - (/var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg) /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg: 1: /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

It was a problem linked with ffmpeg. I think the problem comes from the fact that ffmpeg given in deb is made for ubuntu/debian but probably not ARM processor. THis is why I install ffmpeg from repository and then linked Subsonic folder to this ffmpeg freshly installed:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
sudo rm /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ffmpeg /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg

Restart Subsonic:

sudo service subsonic restart

Configure Subsonic using web interface and admin account.

It worked! I could play my music from Astana, Kazakhstan while it was actually stocked in my Raspberry in Paris!

In my opinion it works quiet nice! Not laggy I mean.


#1  - Patrick Asmus said :

Thank You! It works fine! :-)

#2  - Peter Jones said :

Thank you so much for this. I had been having this issue for a few days and had run out of ideas. Very much appreciated!

#3  - Kristian S said :

Thanks works just fine!

#4  - Luca said :

Thank you, works perfect with Raspberry Pi 4.

#5  - shimarin said :

I think the bit about ffmpeg fixed my problem. I also replaced lame since that was in the transcode directory as well.

#6  - petrus said :

excellent. thank you. this had been a problem for a while.

#7  - Jason said :

Thank you for this, now it's running as it should! :)

#8  - Mackeral said :

thanks a lot for this


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