Unlock standalone Airsonic database

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If your airsonic is stucked for some reasons such as Liquibase Update Failed and Waiting for changelog lock...

liquibase.exception.LockException: Could not acquire change log lock. Currently locked by ( since 18/11/18 16:39
  1. Stop Airsonic for sure :
    sudo service airsonic stop
  2. Read logs /var/airsonic/airsonic.log :
    nano /var/airsonic/airsonic.log
  3. Backup your database folder /var/airsonic/db :
    sudo cp /var/airsonic/db /var/airsonic/db_backup
  4. Edit /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.script :
    sudo nano /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.script
    • remove all lines where you can find DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK by example :
      • INSERT INTO DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK VALUES(1,TRUE,'2018-11-18 16:39:56.266000000',' (')
  5. Save file.
  6. Start Airsonic :
    sudo service airsonic start
  7. Check Airsonic status :
    sudo service airsonic status

If you wanna reset your Airsonic music server, just delete the database /var/airsonic/db ...

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