Extra applications on LEDE (GL-AR150)

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  1. opkg update
  2. opkg install transmission-daemon-openssl transmission-web luci-app-transmission
  3. opkg install nano
  4. nano /etc/config/transmission
  5. chmod -R 777 /tmp/USB_KEY

It is necessary to make a swap file on AR150 otherwise you cannot access the web interface...

  1. cd /path/where/we/will/make/swap-file
  2. Create a 64MB swap-file:
    dd if=/dev/zero of=swap-file bs=1M count=64
  3. mkswap swap-file
  4. swapon swap-file
  5. Then go to LuCI to specify the swap file in System > Mount points to have it mounted at next router reboot.

For worldwide access add a rule in LEDE firewall:
Any tcp, udp
From any host in wan
To any router IP at port 9091 on this device


Bandwidth Monitor (nlbw)

opkg install luci-app-nlbwmon

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